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29/01/2020 · Non ha dubbi Paolo Venturi, direttore di Aiccon: «con la sentenza della Cassazione che impone per i riders lo stesso trattamento dei dipendenti suboridinati i grandi player che facevano profitto. Three driving factors behind the gig economy show no signs of slowing in 2020: consumers expecting products and services on demand, businesses seeking to optimize their workforce, and individuals looking to boost their income with additional flexible work. Watch for even more companies to join the gig economy across virtually every sector. Notizie e approfondimenti quotidiani sul digitale a cura di Reputation Manager, la società di riferimento in Italia per l’analisi, la gestione e la costruzione della reputazione online. Negli USA il 34% della forza lavoro al 2017 era già rappresentato dai lavoratori della “gig economy” e si prevede che la percentuale arriverà al 43% nel 2020. As the economy shifts up and down, one of its biggest trends in recent years—the “gig economy”—seems to have staying power. With technology changing and evolving to allow more versatile workplaces and corporate pressures to keep costs down while building revenue, contract workers are becoming a bigger segment of the workforce than ever. As the gig economy roars into another decade, here’s what to what to watch for. Gig Economy: A Trendy Phrase for an Age Old Concept The first printed usage of the term “gig,” in the moneymaking sense, is often attributed to a British music magazine Melody Maker, which used the word in 1926 to refer to a paid musical performance.

The gig economy is taking over the world, and the United States is no exception. An increasing number of American businesses and workers are opting for the gig model, primarily because of more flexible working conditions. Younger generations are leading the way, although there’s a significant number of gig workers who were born well before the 1980s. In 2020, employers will start realising the difference between commitment and compliance and offer contingent work to passionate side-hustlers who will complete projects with vigour. Employers will be open to negotiate flexible working arrangements with their gig workers, such as wages, hours and location in order to engage the best talent. If you wanted more ways to search for gig economy opportunities, here are some highly rated gig economy websites and apps that didn’t make the cut we’ll call them honorable mentions. 13. Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie is a favorite gig economy app for many people and has over. Throughout 2015, the gig economy has gained traction, driven by mobile, on-demand platforms where workers can capitalize on their skills and create work schedules that better meet their needs, consumers enjoy greater convenience, and companies gain greater visibility and control over large distributed teams. The gig economy is picking up speed. Make sure to get in the fast lane so you can make more money. There are the best gig economy jobs for 2020.

What is the so-called "gig" economy, a phrase increasingly associated with employment disputes? Homepage. OBR estimated that in 2020-21 it will cost the Treasury £3.5bn.

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